Michigan Premier Soccer League

Safe sport

If you have a youth player on your team, 18 and under, EVERYONE on the team (PLAYERS, MANAGER, COACHES) must have completed an up-to-date certification. Please see below for the link you can distribute to your team.

Find instructions here View Document.

Field Insurance

Instructions on how to complete this form

Step 1: Download document View

Step 2: Fill out league Information

  • League Name: Michigan Premier Soccer League
  • Mailing Address : Secretary's Address (please refer to the contact sheet that has been emailed)
  • Team Name : This is your team/ These are your teams
  • Facility Owner and Facility Name : Please send this to the facility in order to fill out

Step 3: Send to League Secretary and CC the President

Step 4: This will then make it to the MSA

Step 5: The league secretary will issue you a field insurance form to be used

Youth Players

Please note that in order to have youth (under 18) players participate in the MPSL, this form must be completed and sent to the appropriate parties listed on the form. Please email the completed form to [email protected]

Find form here View

MPSL Referee Evaluation Form

If the form does not load below please find a direct link to the referee evaluation form here: Complete form here

2024 Fees

In this link, you can find league fees for participation in the 2024 MPSL Season View