Michigan Premier Soccer League

MPSL Disciplinary Guidelines

Reporting Incidents

Please make a copy to your local drive and fill this in. Then send to the board

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Disciplinary Guidelines

Here you will find the disciplinary guidelines for the MPSL

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Board of Directors


Gioacchino (Jack) Ciraulo

External Vice President

Robert Brinkman

Internal Vice President & Men's Commissioner

Sean Sewell

Corresponding Secretary

Nevzeta Suljic

Recording Secretary

Latanya Edmondson-Powis


Michael Walters

Marketing Director

John Arndt

Women's Conference Commissioner

Sylvia DiStefano


Mark Sholtis

Web Director

Mehmed Muharemovic

Past President

Philip Murphy

Equity and Futures

Shanikee Edmonson

  • The United States Adult Soccer Association is the premier national soccer organization dedicated to participation in, enjoyment and growth of adult soccer across America.
  • The MSA helps our league in many ways offering support via insurance, and access to state, regional, and national tournaments.