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June Meeting

There will be a league meeting Thursday, 6/20 at 7:45 PM at Carpathia Club . All are required to send a representatives or face a $25 fine. 

May Meeting

There will be a league meeting Thursday, 5/16 at 7:45 PM at Carpathia Club . All are required to send a representatives or face a $25 fine. 

Player Registration is Live

Tryout Announcements

Head on over to our tryouts page to find teams in your area looking for players!

AGM 2019

The MPSL AGM will be at Carpathia Club on Sunday 1/27/2019 at 11:30 AM.

Brunch layout will be available at 11 AM.

Livonia City US Open Cup Match

Livonia City FC is hosting St. Louis Maritsa in the 3rd round of the US Open Cup on Saturday, November 17th at 8 pm!

August Meeting

There will be a league meeting on Thursday 8/16 at 7:45 PM at Carpathia Club. 

All teams are required to send a representatives or face a $25 fine.

Livonia city fc tournament of champions

Livonia City FC is the USASA Region 2 Tournament of Champions Winner!

They will be playing in the National competition in Florida

State Cup Sunday July 22

The Finals are this Sunday 7/22/18 at Ultimate Arena.

  • 11:00 AM, Women's Open division: North Oakland vs Livonia City FC.
  • 1:00 PM, Men's O-40: Livonia vs Drita.
  • 3:00 PM, Men's O-40: Carpathia vs Canton Celtics.
  • 5:00 PM, Men's Open division: Force FC vs MI Sporting.

See the brackets on our new page at:

July Meeting

There will be a league meeting on at 7:45 pm on Thursday, 7/19  at Carpathia Club.

All teams are required to send a representative or face a $25 fine.

July 1, 2018 coaching class DCFC

The MSA is hosting a Match Analysis Diploma Class on July 1st at Keyworth Stadium.

The first 25 members who register at:                           

Will attend at no cost when they use access code: msa7926

  The class will consist of:

- Instruction of the USC and USSF match analysis methodology.

- Assigning members various game situations to analyze using USC methodology.(Ie. midfield defensive transition).  2:30-5:00

- Watching the DCFC game with focus on your analytic assignment.  5:30 - 7:30

- Discussion of members analytic conclusions after match.

- Mr. Pireman , the DCFC coach,  may attend to discuss the match and our conclusions.  7:30 - 9:00

- Members attending will receive USC Match Analysis Coaching Diplomas.

Coaches will meet at Keyworth stadium at 2:30 pm

Please contact me if you have questions

Harold Kirkwood

DIrector of Coaching MSA


June Meeting

There will be a special meeting Thursday 6/21 at 7:45 pm at Carpathia Club to vote on a by-law change. 

All teams must bring representation or face a fine

May Meeting

There will be a league meeting on Thursday  5/17 at 7:45 PM at Carpathia Club.

All teams are required to send a representative or face a $25 fine. 

April Meeting

There will be an MPSL meeting on Thursday April 19 at 7:00 pm at Carpathia Club where we will have a representative from the referees association.

All teams are required to send three representatives (preferred manager, coach & captain) or face a $25 fine for each missing representative. We expect that every meeting your team will have a representative. Excuses from meetings will be seldom accepted this year.

March Meeting Conclusion

The teams have scheduled their league games for the summer of 2018!

All games will be posted shortly 

Registration will open soon and the link will be posted soon for respective managers to share to the players

All game reschedules MUST include a conversation with the respective Men's or Women's league commissioner 

Scheduling Meeting on March 15

There will be a league mandatory scheduling meeting: 

March 15, 2018 at 7:45 pm (Scheduling begins at 7:00 pm).

Carpathia Club in Sterling Heights 

The website has now been updated with teams participating in their respective divisions

The 2018 Season Will Be Starting Soon!

The 2018 season is fast approaching and games are being scheduled in the March meeting. 

Season play will begin mid-April and continue to mid-August.

Are you a free agent? Click on the  "Contact Us" tab and select the "Free Agents" link in order to register to be a free agent. Follow along on social media (Facebook and Twitter) as the MPSL will be announcing upcoming tryouts for teams.


Michigan Premier Soccer League

The Michigan Premier Soccer League is dedicated to providing the hightest level of competition in Michigan for amateur teams and players.  Our league contains adult men's and women's divisions.  We pride ourselves on drawing the best teams in Michigan, many of which have represented our state in regional and national tournaments.

Teams who join our league will partake in the regular season and are encouraged to play in our annual League Cup, and the State Cup.  These competitions provide plenty of games for our teams each summer.

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Premier Division

Open Division

First Division

Women's Division

Affiliated Organizations


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The United States Adult Soccer Association is the premier national soccer organization dedicated to participation in, enjoyment and growth of adult soccer across America.

Sponsored by Michigan Soccer Association

Michigan Soccer Association

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The MSA helps our league in many ways offering support via insurance, and access to state, regional, and national tournaments.