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LK St. Clair would like to thank its sponsors!

Sponsored by Northwestern Mutual - Michael Sosnoski

Northwestern Mutual - Michael Sosnoski

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As a mutual company, we report to you, not Wall Street. And every decision we make is guided by our mutual values: doing right by our clients, keeping our promises, and providing the greatest value at the lowest cost. That means when we do well, you do well, too. We lead the industry in giving back to our policyowners2 — issuing dividends every year since 1872, even during the Great Recession. Here are some more reasons why millions of people put their trust in Northwestern Mutual.

Talking about finances can be overwhelming, so our advisors are here to help simplify the conversation. Here's what else you can expect when you work with one:

A judgment-free, pressure-free environment

A financial partner who understands your big picture

Jargon-free conversations

Help seeing your financial blind spots and ways to account for them. 

Answers to the questions you have, and ones you never knew you had

Contact us today to get started: 

Michael Sosnoski 

Sponsored by Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods

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DICK'S Sporting Goods is committed to partnering with and supporting teams, leagues and athletes in the communities we serve.

Dick Stack, founder of DICK'S Sporting Goods, believed that sports play a vital role in teaching our children fundamental values like a strong work ethic, teamwork and good sportsmanship. He also understood that supporting the organizations that make youth sports possible is the best way to promote those values. Today, that legacy continues.

DICK'S Sporting Goods believes sports make communities stronger and is dedicated to supporting local athletes. That's why we proudly offer sponsorships to teams, leagues and athletes in the communities we serve.

Equip for the season with custom team uniforms for every sport and every budget. It's simple: Design your own uniform and gear, complete with personalized graphics and colors, or choose from popular uniform templates.

Create your own team website with the help of Blue Sombrero. Register today for a free account and use your new site to manage and connect with team members. Publish custom team pages, schedules, email alerts and more.

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Sponsored by Google


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Help your nonprofit collaborate more effectively with smart, secure business apps like Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Drive, and Hangouts Meet, so you can focus on what matters.

G Suite for Nonprofits provides access to G Suite Basic , using your domain, at no charge.

Attract donors, raise awareness for your organization, and recruit volunteers with in-kind advertising on Google Search.

Ad Grants provides access to $10,000 USD of in-kind advertising every month for text ads.

Unlock the power of video storytelling, so you can reach a global audience and amplify your cause. Plus, make it easy for supporters to give with YouTube Giving features (currently available in the U.S.).

Develop compelling data visualizations to track and share your organization’s impact. Plus, use Google Maps Platform to help people locate community programs and resources closest to them.

Google for Nonprofits provides Google Maps Platform credits to nonprofits.

Share your fundraising efforts in more places online and connect with new supporters.

Google for Nonprofits provides access to easy-to-use fundraising tools at no charge.

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Sponsored by Kavans Tavern

Kavans Tavern

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An elite venue for burgers, sandwiches, drinks, and more located in Roseville, MI across from Macomb Community College South Campus on Hayes Rd.

Host your events, get your food catered, and more.

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Sponsored by APM Detroit

APM Detroit

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APM is one of the fastest growing providers of commercial print, interior-branding, and event marketing services in Detroit. Because of our extensive capabilities and delivery process, we are able to offer some of the most competitive pricing and turn-around times in the industry.

Organizations of all sizes trust APM with their print, branding, and event marketing needs. Our client list ranges from small business start-ups, to multi-million dollar corporations. Our promise is to deliver top quality, cost-effective, and remarkably fast print and marketing services to your business.

APM prides itself in aggressive pricing options and expedited timeliness, but the reason our clients stay with us is because of our unmatched level of customer service.

Over 90% of our new business last year came from referrals. When a client calls us, they know Tom, Cameron, or Don will be there to take their call, and meet their needs. We are more than a print shop – we are your marketing partner.

Contact us today and use code "LK St. Clair Soccer"!

Cameron Elle



Sponsored by Alten Group

Alten Group

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Ready to innovate, enhance your skills and achieve your potential in a fun workplace?

At ALTEN, you can develop your career in a highly technological environment, and we value the huge variety of skills, abilities and perspectives that our people bring to our business.

The Group’s scale and its career management policy open up many opportunities in more than 25 countries to boost your career.

Our corporate university and training academies help you to evolve within our expertise, project management and business management fields.

Job opportunities in the 3 professions:

Business managers
Support functions

Looking to accelerate your career?

Alexandre Picault
Business Manager
Alten Technology USA


We're committed to delivering technology solutions that are accessible and affordable for nonprofits everywhere. Donations and discounts are available for cloud solutions including Microsoft Office 365, Power BI, Azure, and more.

We believe technology can be a powerful force for social good, but we know technology alone won’t solve the world's challenges. That’s why we partner closely with governments, nonprofits, and the private sector to foster collective action.

We work with nonprofits such as TechSoup and their global network of worldwide partners to deliver services that help nonprofits get the most out of technology.

The security, data analytics, collaboration tools, and scalability of the Microsoft cloud, have helped Operation Smile transform their IT infrastructure – and change the lives of the children they serve.

Enable your organization to digitally transform, accelerate its mission and drive greater impact. Get started today with Microsoft cloud solutions. Organizations must meet eligibility criteria to qualify.

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1. Set up a page

There are over 217,000 nonprofit pages on LinkedIn. Set one up to make sure your organization has a presence.

2. Enhance your page

Once your page is set up, it’s time to make it pop. Bring your organization to life with a description of your mission and purpose, how you deliver on your mission, and the impact you’re having. Engaging pictures are essential. Link to your company webpage as well.

3. Affiliate with your parent organization

If you’re part of a federated nonprofit, get in touch with the administrator of your parent organization page to discuss how to connect your pages.

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