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MPSL Men's Divisions

This page will act as the hub for the Men's divisions, including a summary of stats, standings, schedules, and important information.   You can view information about last season using the drop-down that appears above and to the right. 

The Premier, First, and Open Divisions have their own pages for more specific information as well. 

REMINDER ABOUT RESCHEDULING GAMES:  Once schedules are set, please work to keep those in place.  However, reschedules will be honored if a team has a conflict when competing in a USASA, MSA, or MPSL cup (ie State), or if other extenuating circumstances apply (weather, field conditions, etc.).   See our league guidelines for full information about rescheduling games.

Reschedules must be agreed upon by both teams, and the team requesting the change should notify the Scheduler & Conference Commissioner (see right). 

Visit Specific Team Pages:

Premier Division Teams

Joe Pratico


Peter Goldyn

Men's Conference Commissioner

Mike Walters


Phone: (313) 530-6375